Using Ayurveda to Feed Your Senses

Did you know your 5 senses of hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste are actually organs used to perceive reality? Just as the food we eat creates our bodily tissues, our sensory impressions determine the quality of our thoughts and emotions, and help us regulate our nervous system and sleep quality. And just like with food choices, each of our other sense organs can also be overused, underused or misused.

In fact, the very nature of our existence makes us susceptible to an ever-changing variety of sensory experiences, affecting our elemental make-up every millisecond.

  • Our sense of hearing 👂 can be overused by loud music, car alarms, constant city noise, misused when listening to distasteful music/talks or eavesdropping, and underused when opting to ignore or refrain from noise.

  • Our sense of sight 👁 can be overused by always staring at screens or small print, misused when watching violent shows, and underused when we keep the blinders on.

  • Our sense of smell 👃 can be overused with perfumes and candles, misused when those are full of chemicals, or underused when stuffed up or refraining from scents in general.

  • Our sense of touch 🤚 can be overused by being too touchy, constantly applying stuff to skin, or if career requires you to work on others with hands, misused with toxic lotions, wrong reasons, or too much sun, and underused when refraining from touching.

  • Our sense of taste 👅 can be overused when we overeat or choose gluttonous meals, misused when we eat super spicy or salty foods or choose improper foods for our constitution, and underused when we favor bland meals or refrain from eating.

In all these cases, our emotional, physical and spiritual health will be impaired. While it is within our reasonable control to choose our surroundings, applying an Ayurvedic lens helps us to decipher what is most complementary to our natures. Ayurveda uses a variety of approaches to integrate holistic sensory therapy into healing the physical, subtle, and astral bodies.

When we misuse our five senses, a variety of ailments can happen across our physical, energetic, and karmic bodies. Each of the three doshas has their own tendencies that can disturb each of these senses, check them out:

Feeding Senses for Vata-types

If your constitution has a bit more Air or Space in it, you probably tend toward being a bit more well, airy and spacey, when disturbed, as well as, tend toward anxiety, fear, chronic pain, hypersensitivity, or insomnia.

Vatas are naturally drawn toward: 👅 irregular meal times, crunchy and salty foods, raw foods, juices, smoothies 👁 colorful sights, bright colors, watching 2+ things at once, creative feats, cartoons, scary movies 👃 all the smells or no smells at all 🎶 loud, various tones/instruments/vocals, or oversensitive / easily irritated with certain noises 🙏 deep pressure, rough touch, not enjoying feeling oily

Think about it- they mimick a Vata's personality when imbalanced: spacey, harsh, dry, and chaotic. Use that Vata creativity to reduce these causative factors and switch it up with the therapies listed on the graphic below to maximize your healing capacity even further!

Feeding Senses for Pitta-types

If your constitution has a bit more Pitta or Fire in it, you probably tend more toward irritability, anger, criticism, and egotistic qualities when the mind is disturbed.

Pittas are naturally drawn toward: 👅 spicy, salty, fast, and fried foods 👁 violent movies, competition-type tv shows, fights, or aggressive videogames 👃 sharp and pungent scents or being too particular about scent in general: perfumes, lotions, etc 🎶 loud sounds, intense vocals, steady beats, bass, and balanced pitches/frequencies 🙏 deep tissue massage, hotter the better, being aggressive or violent

Think about it- they mimick a Pitta's personality when imbalanced: salty, spicy, burnt out, particular, hot-headed, aggressive, intense, etc. On top of using that Pitta discipline to reduce these causative factors, applying the therapies listed on the graphic below will maximize your healing capacity even further!

Feeding Senses for Kapha-types

If your constitution has a bit more Earth in it, you probably tend toward being a bit more sentimental, sensitive, possessive, needy, envious, attached, sluggish, materialistic, or resistant to changing and moving on when your life is disturbed.

Kaphas are naturally drawn toward: 👅 over-eating, emotional eating, or eating too many heavy, cheesy, sweet, salty, and/or gluttonous foods 👁 remaining indoors, seeing the same sights, romantic movies, history documentaries 👃 sweet scents or being sensitive to certain smells 🎶 eavesdropping, silence, soft music, fluid rhythms, heavy bass 🙏 being sedentary, rejecting touch, minimal stimulation or movement in general, being overly touchy with others

Think about it- they mimick a Kapha's personality when imbalanced: heavy, sensitive, resistant, sluggish, etc. On top of using that Kapha stability to reduce these causative factors, start to channel that endurance and switch it up with the therapies listed on the graphic below to maximize your healing capacity even further!

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